USB Cable label - cord organizer - set of two - desk accessories

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Whose charger cord is it anyway? Do you hate the mess of not knowing which cable goes to what device, especially when you plug them in at different times? I made these cable labels so I can keep the mess to a minimum on my desk and hope they will help other people be more organized as well! These are also great to keep cords clearly marked when traveling!

These cable labels are like a tiny sleeve that your USB cord slides into. It's made of durable pleather and embroidered in a clear Sans serif font with PRINTER or CAMERA or whatever word you'd like.

You get a set of TWO labels that all have the same name for $14.99 or you can have different names (still set of 2) for $19.99.

You choose the background colors from my color chart in the photos here and the main color of stitching for your name or words. Tell me what you want in the NOTES TO SELLER at checkout!

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