Chicken or Hen keyfob - novelty keychain gifts

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Does your keychain just exist? Just blend in?

Who said keychains have to be boring,?

You need something that’s more about you, something that expresses who you are.

Why stick with generic when you could have your initials stitched out boldly onto your new keychain in this sweet chicken design! It’s the perfect accessory for your chicken purse!

You can use this as a sweet backpack tag, too! My kids love their handmade novelty tags to set their backpacks and lunch boxes apart! Think outside the bag and use these as a unique gift tag for a very special gift.

Get yours today, and have your Keychain be more than just something that holds your keys for you, as easy as clicking that order button!

This is a MEDIUM sized keyfob - about 3” wide X 3” long including hardware.

These are a modest size for your keys and you could even make a sweet statement when they are clipped to your briefcase, backpack, or keep it clipped to your purse as a great purse charm!

These would be super fun gifts for your HEN party or bachelorette party, FFA group or poultry farm.