Black and Blue Octopus Tentacle Earrings

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These are fantastically clever little Octopus tentacle earrings that I have made with thread and a design that I have specially programmed to run on my embroidery machine! This technique makes the coolest sturdy little earrings that dangle so nicely from earring wires.  I have several different styles of ear wires, including stainless steel and sterling silver for those that request them so please let me know in the notes at checkout if you have a certain preference.  Also, you pick the colors you want - and again, let me know on the checkout box.  Favorite color combos so far are BLACK with purple suckers, BLACK with blue suckers, PURPLE with green suckers, Pink with yellow suckers, Yellow with green suckers, TURQUOISE with lime suckers, and GREEN with yellow suckers.  Of course, the sky is the limit! 

 If you have specific color requests I am happy to make them just the way you'd like! Please send me a message at to talk about what you need!