Hummingbird Freestanding Lace Embroidered Earrings

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This beautiful Hummingbird freestanding lace earring design features intricate stitching that I designed myself to use on my embroidery machine. The design is created with a four beautiful colors of polyester machine embroidery thread, specially stitched by machine and hand finished for a dramatic stained glass effect. The earring is lightweight and easy to wear, with a comfortable fit that is suitable for all ear sizes. The design is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit, and is sure to be a favorite.

I have several different styles of ear wires, including stainless steel and sterling silver for those that request them so please let me know in the notes at checkout if you have a certain preference.  Also, you pick the colors you want - and again, let me know on the checkout box.   Of  course, the sky is the limit, so if you want other colors, just ask! 

Hummingbird Earrings are just over 2.5 inches long including the tassel and  earring wires. 

If you have specific color requests I am happy to make them just the way you'd like! 

Care instructions - avoid getting your Freestanding Lace Earrings wet.  Remove before showering, hair care, exercising, and water sports.