Pleated Face mask with pocket and elastic- Green with Mustache

Regular price $15.00

This is a listing for a pleated face mask made from 2 layers of cotton fabric with a pocket you can insert a filter into.   Simple elastic loops secure the mask around your ears. Mustache is embroidered onto the top layer only but adds a bit of fun to your mask! 

One size fits most adults and children 10 years and older. 

Limited edition material. Please see other listings for additional fabric choices. Masks are ready to ship and will be mailed via USPS first class mail. Care has been taken to use clean and sanitary environment and materials during construction. Iron mask upon receiving to further sterilize. Launder with like colored garments after wearing out. Iron after laundering to preserve shape and restore to wearing condition. 

Seller makes no claims about the prevention of disease or medical uses with this mask. This is NOT a medical device.