Mask Extender - Ear Saver for elastic loop masks - White with black snaps

Regular price $5.00

This listing is for ONE mask extender. This item comes with 2 extension options.  You can snap on the outermost snap or move one end to the middle snap for the closest fit.  The mask extender can go either higher up on your head, ex: above a ponytail, or it can be placed at the bottom of the neck. Placing at the bottom of the neck has helped tighten the mask around the nose area. Placing higher on the head makes the mask fit more closely to the sides and bottom of your face.   You may choose to keep one side attached to your mask elastic band and simply snap and unsnap the other side to remove and replace your mask.

These are white with black snaps. If you require a certain color, please send me a message. 

This item is made with high quality pleather and professionally applied resin snaps.  If laundering is required wash by hand with soap and water and let air dry.